Demo Reel

Voiceover Demo Reel


Vocal Clips from Guys and Dolls and Smokey Joe’s Cafe

AMC’s Dispatches From Elsewhere – (cos play/ dramedy/ alternate reality/ game play/ obsessive role play) Malinda is the leader of the troupe, seeking vengeance on the opposing team for underhandedly stealing the trophy.  But how far is too far when demanding the trophy be returned?

MouthBreathers – (student/ comedy/ teenager/ nerd/ teacher’s pet) Malinda is a high school junior who wants to become an architect just like her teacher. She’ll do anything to prove that she’s willing to work hard and can be exactly the right student her teacher wants… or does she?

Mila and Mimi Too – (feminist/comedy/ best friend/ rally) Malinda is an eccentric, yet very loyal BFF who gets passionately swept away by the thought of joining the #resistance!

Loudmouth – (play/tya/ storybook/ fantasy) Malinda as a 10-year old braniac playing in a junkyard with her friends who have very vivid imaginations.

Open House – (wife/dramedy/professional/doctor/girlfriend) Malinda as a newlywed. This was a semi-finalist in the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival.

Sexual Dependency – (student/drama/loud/mean girl/ rude) Malinda as an obnoxious R.A. Sexual Dependency won several independent film festival awards and is now available on Amazon!

Cheesecake – (socialite/ play/ comedy/ loud/ girlfriend/ best friend)Malinda as a restaurant goer arguing with her best friend about any and everything.

UCB Character 101 Grad Show (character sketch)


Sitcom Technique – Erin Coleman/Actors Comedy Studio at American Academy of Dramatic Arts Los Angeles

Commercial clips – David Cady with Donna DeSeta Casting

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