Malinda Logan’s Reel


Vocal Clips from Guys and Dolls and Smokey Joe’s Cafe



Mila and Mimi Too – Malinda is an eccentric, yet very loyal BFF who gets passionately swept away by the thought of joining the #resistance!


Loudmouth – Malinda as a 10-year old braniac playing in a junkyard with her friends who have very vivid imaginations.


Open House – Malinda as a newlywed. This was a semi-finalist in the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival.


Sexual Dependency clip – Malinda as an obnoxious R.A. Sexual Dependency won several independent film festival awards and is now available on Amazon!


Cheesecake – Malinda as a restaurant goer arguing with her best friend about any and everything.


UCB Character 101 Grad Show



Sitcom Technique – Erin Coleman/Actors Comedy Studio at American Academy of Dramatic Arts Los Angeles


Commercial clips – David Cady with Donna DeSeta Casting